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Mechel - Val di Non

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Mechel and Val di Non

Mechel and Cles

Mechel is rural village of 400 inhabitants located on the slopes of Mount Cles and it’s the first village in the valley which receives the warm rays of the morning sun (“Primo Sole” means in fact "First Sun"). It is located about three kilometers from the center of Cles, the main town of Val di Non, which is home to major local institutions and services, and is a renowned center for catering, trade and cultural activities.
Mechel has a long history as it is one of the first three settlements in the valley of  the ancient Raethian population. Just in the nearby of  the Agritur, in a place called "Vallemporga", were found several archaeological remains that are still kept in the Rhaetian Museum in Sanzeno and at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Trento (Museo Tridentino di Scienze Naturali). The town’s history has been characterized for centuries by an agricultural subsistence economy, extreme poverty and precarious living conditions. Only recently, in the last fifty years, the development of apple farming has led to a gradual improvement in economic conditions. Today Mechel is experiencing a positive period in its history and this is testified by the numerous building renovations.

Mechel e Cles
Mechel e Cles 2
Mechel inverno
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What you'll find

In Mechel you’ll find the "First the Sun" of the morning!
You will find the hospitality of the family Poletti and warmth of the Agritur rooms, the tranquility of a rural village and the silence of a pristine forest, a breathtaking view on the whole valley during your walks.
Just a short walk from the Agritur, in the main square of Mechel, you can find a little grocery store,  the nice bar "Al Molin", the Church of Santa Maria Assunta and the ancient church of San Lorenzo, the patron saint of the town. In the nearby there are also a playground for children, free parking and a public bus service that connects Mechel to Cles.
In Cles (in 5 minutes by car from the agritur) you can find the civil hospital, a pharmacy, the police stations, the barracks of the firemen, the post office, a lot of stores and restaurants.
Cles is also the historical and cultural center of the valley. Historic buildings, numerous churches and the medieval castle testify the the glorious past of the town. The new library, movie theater and the Pro Loco office represent reference points for cultural activities.
In Cles is also possible to do a lot of sport activities at the town’s sport center (Centro per lo Sport e il Tempo Libero), a modern building surrounded by gardens with a spectacular view on the Brenta Dolomites.
In short, in five minutes away from the Agritur Primo Sole you can find all you need for health, safety, knowledge, gastronomy, sports and entertainment.

Val di Non

Val di Non Tourism Agency Spot Video

Val di Non Panoramic Video

Val di Non is located in the north-west of the province of Trento. It’s one of the largest valley of the region, and it is rich of forests, rivers and apple trees, that made it famous all over the world. The valley is crossed by the river Noce and numerous other rivers which have been eroding for millennia the rocks forming gorges, ravines and creeks. These impressive natural spectacles can be admired by walking in guided trails built into the rocks (Canyon Rio Sass e Parco Fluviale Novella).

Cles is the geographical and administrative center of Val di Non and is close to the large artificial lake of Santa Giustina. The territory is surrounded by mountains: the chain of  Maddalene in the north, the Anauni Mountains in the east and in the south-west the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites of Brenta. These mountains are enclosed in the Natural Park Adamello Brenta, and are the habitat of the brown bear.

In the valley there are numerous lakes, such as the aforementioned lake of Santa Giustina, Lake  Coredo, Tavon Lake, Lake Smeraldo,  Lake of Tret, and Lake Tovel.

Lago Santa Giustina da Revò
lago Smeraldo
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Val di Non is rich in history: Raethian findings (Raethian Museum in Sanzeno), Romans  archeological remains (Tavola Clesiana), numerous medieval buildings and castles. Among them we suggest you to visit Thun Castle, Bragher Castle, Coredo Castle, Castle Cles, Nanno  Castle and Castle Belasi.

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Castel Belasi
Castel Bragher
Castel Nanno
Castel Thun
Castellinsieme Bresimo (20)
Castellinsieme Bresimo (49)
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There are also many noble houses and historical palaces, such as the Palace Assessorile in Cles, the Black Palace in Coredo (so named because of the witch trials during the Inquisition), Casa de Gentili in Sanzeno, Casa Campia in Revò.

Palazzo Assessorile Inverno
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Among the religious buildings we mention the Sanctuary of San Romedio, the patron saint of the valley, soon to be included in UNESCO's heritage. This sanctuary and the most important churches and chapels of the valley can be visited walking the suggestive path "Cammino Jacopeo d’Anaunia".

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