Agritur Primo Sole

Mechel - Val di Non

Fraz. Mechel n.28,
38023 CLES (TN)

+39 0463 600183
+39 338 8731132 Rosario
+39 329 8076249 Silvana

Who we are

The Poletti Family

Agritur Primo Sole is an holiday farm managed by the Poletti family, a typical family of the Trentino countryside, proud of its land and its cultural roots. "Grandma Maria", Rosario, Silvana and Giovanna, with her husband Andrea and the two "youngsters" Nicola and Davide, will give you a warm welcome to their house. All the members of the family play an active role in the daily management of the farmhouse, expecially Grandma Maria and Rosario that will welcome and escort you all the days of your stay. "Grandma Maria", a determined and hardworking lady, with a sweet and gentile soul, will be like your grandmother for the days of your stay at the farm. Rosario, the youngest of the three Maria's children, is the owner of the farming business and with the opening of the holiday farmhouse sees a dream, chased for years, come true.

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The farm

The family farm mainly produces apples of the famous brand Melinda. Secondly, small businesses are conducted in horticulture, management of mountain pastures and, in the near future, also the beekeeping activity. The farm is one of the 5,200 farm that make up the Melinda Consortium, a brand that, for over twenty years, has been promoting and valorising Val di Non apples in Italy and all around the world. Our territory has in fact an high vocation for the production of this fruit, due to a combination of factors: the composition of the soil, good sun exposure, the pure glaciers and snowfields waters. Toghether with this natural factors, the passion and the hard work of farmers have made it possible for a small valley in the Alps to become great in the world. The Melinda Consortium was established by joining 16 cooperatives of apple producers into a single one, that nowadays is responsible to collect, preserve, package an distribute the apples under one brand. Rosario Poletti is proud to be part of this consortium.

Our Products

The farm produces five kinds of apples.

Gala The Gala apples(photo) red and sweet, are produced in small quantities and are the first ones to be harvested around the first week of September.


Renetta Canada Renetta Canada (photo) is an historical apple and is enhanced with a prestigious D.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin). This kind of apple is produced almost exclusively in Val di Non, is harvested from the 15th to the 20th of September and is unparalleled in the preparation of sweets.


Stark Delicious The Stark Delicious, which is also awarded with the DOP, is red, sweet and aromatic. This apple is also known as the one of the Snow White fable... but, of course, if you eat it the consequences are not the same, on the contrary, as a famous Italian proverb says: "an apple a day keeps the doctor away".

The Golden Delicious is the true queen of the farm and the Melinda Consortium and, as the Renetta and Stark, boasts the DOP certification.
In the sunny and clear days of september the apple trees form golden cloack that covers the countryside of the valley. The early morning sun, the dew and the cool temperatures of the night help make even more unique the golden apple of Val di Non, as dawn seems to impress itself on its skin, creating the classic "reddish facet" (photo).

The last variety harvested in the farm is Fuji, recently introduced in the valley and appreciated by consumers for its beautiful ruby red color and sweetness.