Agritur Primo Sole

Mechel - Val di Non

Fraz. Mechel n.28,
38023 CLES (TN)

+39 0463 600183
+39 338 8731132 Rosario
+39 329 8076249 Silvana

Activities with "Hands and Feet"

The Holiday Farmhouse Primo Sole offers to his guests the possibility to see how the agricultural products of the farm are used in the preparation of some traditional food: sausages, sauerkraut, pickles, jams, apple juice, etc. You can also put your “hands on” by helping the managers in the different steps of the preparation of this food products and, in the end, have delicious tastings of them. "Grandma Mary" will be also very pleased to welcome you in the kitchen of the "Hall of the Sun" to teach you some typical recipe.

Primo Sole offers you also activities in the countryside. In fact it’s possible to take a tour of the farm’s apple orchards and, with the initiative "Adopt an apple tree", you can follow the apple life cycle from the flower to its maturation, seeing it grow day by day. In spring and summer it’s also be possible to climb up to "Pra Lonc" (nearly 1600 meters above sea level), comfortably seated on a jeep. There you can enjoy a beautiful view on our mountains, have a tasty picnic in the pristine nature and enjoy pleasant walks lead to Verdè Lake or to the Peller mountain hut.